One of the strengths of Cahaba Medical Care is our Social Work team that works diligently and in tandem with provider staff to help care for patients in totality – not only with medical needs, but also emotional, social, spiritual and financial needs.

L-R: Darrinetta William, Leslie Jones, Shamari Griffin, and Nese Morgan

Our Social Work Department is currently staffed by Nese Morgan, Darrinetta Williams, Leslie Jones, Shamari Griffin, Sarita Colvin, Lawanda Vanhorn and Tameka Lavender-Hyche.

Services offered include:

  • Counseling Services - offering in-house, one-on-one counseling in an effort to meet the significant behavioral and mental health needs within the community, be it for depression, anxiety, or another mental health disorder.

  • Insurance Outreach and Enrollment - providing assistance with enrolling in Medicaid, as well as the federal marketplace of the Affordable Care Act, without requiring the patient to drive out of the county.

  • Patient Assistance with Medications - providing assistance for patients unable to afford their medications as our social workers can often get them at reduced cost or free from the pharmaceutical companies.

  • Vital Needs - helping patients locate resources to aid them with a variety of needs such as utilities, food and housing.

  • Dental Referral Services - referring patients to CMC’s Dental Office for preventative cleanings, as well as urgent dental and oral healthcare needs.

  • Transportation Program - collaborating with the local hospital’s van service to coordinate transportation for patients who have difficulty getting to appointments at CMC, at a subspecialist office, or for  radiology appointments.

  • Sliding Fee Discount Program - helping patients properly enroll in our sliding fee program, which allows qualifying patients to see a doctor and receive in-house laboratory, x-ray, ultrasound, or procedural services at a massively discounted rate, as well as to helping to identify other charitable care programs at neighboring hospitals if the necessary services are not offered at Cahaba Medical Care.

Social Work Office Hours

8 AM - 5 PM Monday-Friday
Closed daily from 12:30-1:30 PM for lunch

Call 926-2992 to schedule an appointment.