The Studio

a music, dance and activity center in the Centreville / Brent, Alabama area


The vision of The Studio is to provide artistic education and opportunity for students to develop their God-given creativity through the arts. They are a locally owned, non-profit arts and activity center for the Centreville, Brent, and surrounding communities. Since opening The Studio in 2007, it has offered ballet, tap, and jazz dance, gymnastics, baton, and karate for children of all ages. We have also offered Piano, Violin, and Guitar lessons, and Kindermusik™ to introduce young children to music. Recently, The Studio has added voice lessons, lyrical dance lessons, hip-hop, and advanced tap classes. They also began offering jui-jitsu lessons for both children and adults.

The Studio is a non-profit arts and activity center... which means that any money left over after we pay our teachers, rent and utilities goes back into program development and scholarships. Thanks for your kind donation.

Any questions should be directed to the Director of The Studio, Rachel Waits. 

Phone: 205-225-0013
Address: 1117 Walnut Street, Centreville, Alabama 35042


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