First Steps

1) Make an Appointment

Call one of our locations or stop by in in person. 

Cahaba Medical Care    (205) 926-2992    

Cahaba Medical Care - Woodstock    (205) 938-9348

Cahaba Medical Care - Maplesville  (334) 366-4040

Cahaba Medical Care - Bessemer  (205) 277-2358

Cahaba Medical Care - Birmingham (West End)  (205) 679-6325

2) Sign a Medical Records Release Form

3) Complete New Patient Paperwork

Tell us about yourself! New patient paperwork may be completed before your first visit by downloading and printing the "New Patient Packet" and "New Patient Medical History". Giving us as a complete medical history as you are able is an important contribution that you can make to your health.

4) Submit Insurance Information

We can do the best job in taking care of you financially if you are able to bring by your insurance cards prior to your initial appointment. This will give our billing office time to verify your insurance to and ensure that services provided will be covered.

If you do not have insurance, this will give our office the chance to talk with you about our discounted sliding scale option and give you the paperwork needed to get you enrolled in this plan prior to your first appointment. Patients enrolled in our sliding scale program receive physician services at a discounted rate determined by household income and number of individuals in the house. 

5) Remember Your Medications

Please bring all pill bottles for review by your care team.


If you have any other questions about how to establish care at Cahaba Medical Care, call 205-926-2992.