Frequently Ask Questions

Why don't we have medication samples?

We do not keep samples of medications at our office. However, our office does remain committed to our patients in providing your needed medicines at the lowest cost. If your medicines are still too expensive, please let us know and we will help you look into lower cost options or patient assistance through the pharmaceutical companies. 

Why do I need to bring my pill bottles?

It is important for you to bring your pill bottles to every visit with your physician. This is important so that the doctor can look through your medications and make sure everything is correct and up to date. Medications can be changed if you are seen by another physician, in the ER, or in the hospital. You may have questions about your medications and why you are on them or about the medication side effects. The doctor may want to discuss your medicines with you and make changes. For all these reasons and others, it is important that you bring all your medicines with you to every appointment. 

Why do I have to come back for my lab/imaging results?

It is our clinic policy that labs and imaging results are not discussed over the phone. This is because it is important that you are seen in our office for you lab results and / or imaging results. If your results were abnormal, the doctor will want to discuss that with you in person and make sure all your questions are answered. There might also need to be changes made to your medications or other tests or images ordered. But, even if all your results are normal, the doctor wants to see you to make sure you are not having any further symptoms or problems. If you are, despite your normal labs or imaging, further treatment options or tests might need to be ordered or discussed. 

What is my co-pay? Why do I have to pay it? Why is my co-pay a different amount than what other people are charged? Who decides how much I pay?

Your copay is the amount of money you are asked to pay at the time of each appointment with your doctor. This amount is different for each type of insurance and is determined by the insurance company and your employer…  and not Cahaba Medical Care. Your insurance company requires you to pay your copay at the time of each visit with your doctor. If your co-pay is too much, please read about our sliding scale policy to see if you might qualify.

If I call the office requesting refills or with a question for the nurse or doctor, how long should I expect before getting a response?

Our phone call policy is that you hear back from our office or the pharmacy within 24 hours. However, sometimes the nurse may need to discuss the question or medication with the doctor, so that may prolong the process. 

Please do be aware that most unemergent phone calls are dealt with at the end of the day once all patients with scheduled appointments at the clinic have been cared for. 

Also, if you called in requesting refills of your normal medicines, you most likely will not receive a return phone call from our office so before calling the clinic back, please check with your pharmacy as the refill was most likely sent in directly to them.

If I discuss a referral appointment or getting an image or other test done with my doctor, how long should I expect to have to wait before being contacted by the office with my appointments.

Typically this process takes 1-2 business days. However, this process can be lengthened depending on your insurance. Each insurance has a difference process they require our office to follow in order to set up a referral appointment or imaging test in order for your insurance to pay. If this process isn't followed correctly, you could be billed for the cost of the test or your specialty appointment with another doctor. This process of dealing with the insurance companies can sometimes take 3-5 business days while we wait on them to approve your testing and referrals. However, if you have been waiting for more than one week, please call our office and ask about the status of your appointments.

Sliding scale fee / payment plan

We have a sliding fee discount program for people without insurance or for people who have insurance but still need help paying their co-pays and / or deductibles. This program and the amount of discount given for the services you receive at the doctor is based on your income. In order to qualify for our sliding scale program, you will need to fill out a short application about your household.  Ask the receptionist for an application and bring it in completed with your last two pay stubs, a Social Security card / picture ID for each family member that lives in your house, and copy of a utility bill. After receiving all this information, the billing department will determine which level of the sliding scale program you qualify for and will begin crediting your account for the discounted amount. Please be aware that you may still be asked to pay a certain set amount for the services provided at Cahaba Medical Care depending on your level of income. Please also note that laboratory and imaging services are not included in this sliding scale program. However, there are different sliding scale programs for all labs done at CMC and for imaging services done at Bibb Medical Center that you can ask about. 

Paperwork / Triage form

You will be asked to fill out several papers every time we see you at Cahaba Medical Care. We need you to fill out this paperwork so we can assure that all you information, like your phone number and address and insurance, are correct and up to date. This is important when the office needs to reach you about an appointment that we might need to make for you or when trying to bill your insurance for your visit at
the clinic. 

It is also important the triage form is filled out at each visit. This form lets us know what problems you are having that day, if you need refills on medications, if you need lab or imaging results, or if you have been seen by any other doctor since the last time we saw you at our office. This information will better assist everyone in the office to make sure that all your concerns and questions or most efficiently and effectively answered during your visit with the doctor. It will also ensure that the doctor has all the information he or she needs to take the best care
of you. 

What do I need to bring on the day of my appointment?

Please bring all pill bottles for review by your nurse and physician. Please also bring your up-to-date insurance card(s) and a picture ID to help CMC and our billing department to ensure that your insurance company is billed correctly. Please also notify the office at any time that your phone number, address, or insurance information changes as this is vital for us to know when we try to contact you regarding your medical care and when we bill your insurance company for your doctor's visit.